Fiberglass Repair In Utah County

Lindon Collision Center is your go for fiberglass repair in Utah County. Wreck your Wave Runner? Bottom out your boat? We can help you!

We’re the preferred repair facility for many of the local Wave Runner & Boat rental facilities in Utah County! Make Lindon Collision Center your preferred repair facility too!

Some common items made of fiberglass include; Motor home Side Panels,  Wave Runners, Boat Hulls, Wake Boards, Surfboards, Jeep Hard, Tops, Sporting Equipment, Doors,  and a wide array of exterior automobile parts. We can also make foam molds and fiberglass any contour for your special projects!

Bring in your damaged items today collision repair experts at Lindon Collision Center and let us give you a free estimate on the cost of repair.


Did you know that Fiberglass really is made of glass? It’s similar to windows or the drinking glasses in your kitchen. The glass is heated until it is molten, then it is forced through superfine holes, creating glass filaments that are very thin – so thin they are better measured in microns. These threads can then be woven into larger swatches of material, or left in the somewhat less structured although more familiar puffy substance used for insulation or soundproofing. This will depend on whether the extruded strands were made longer or shorter, and the quality of the fiberglass. For some applications, it is important for the glass fibers to have fewer impurities, which involves additional steps in the manufacturing process.

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