Lindon Collision Center Is Not Just A Utah County Collision Center Expert

We are not just your Utah County Collision Center for auto body repairs; we also offer many other services that are available to those who want a little something extra. We offer everything from fiberglass work and Sea Doo repairs, to oil changes and mechanical work. If you are looking for a Utah County Collision Center that has the talent and experience to provide the extra services that you have been looking for all in one collision center, the you’ve found it! Call us with your special project today!

Dealership Work


If you are looking for a shop that can handle your dealership work, look no further. Lindon Collision is a Utah County Collision Center that can be trusted to handle your dealership work. Here are Lindon Collision Center, We take the greatest care on each and every project. That is what makes us the best choice for Utah County Collision repair work for dealerships.

Water Craft Repairs


Utah has two seasons; winter, and summer. When the heat kicks in and you are ready to take your water crafts out to the lake, make sure they are in good sound working order by having all personal water craft repairs handled by your at Lindon Collision Center. Our experience in fiberglass allows us to repair personal watercraft to a safe and operable condition.

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Boat Repairs


When you have a boat that has been wrecked or needs structural repair to the body, you can trust your boat repair work at the preferred specialist Utah County Collision Center at Lindon Collision Center. Your boat needs to be repaired by people that are fiberglass experts who can return your boat back to you ready to attack the lake at full speed knowing it was repaired correctly. Our work is 100% Guaranteed.

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Trailer Work


Sometimes trailers take a beating or get badly damaged for various reasons. Utah County Collision experts at Lindon Collision Center are here to help you get your trailer in good working order so that you can safely tow your precious cargo without any fear of it falling apart down the road. Come see us at your Utah County Collision experts at Lindon Collision. You will be surprised at what we can do for you.

RV Work


If you are a avid RV family or have just bought a older RV that needs some repairs, don’t look any further than right here at experts at Linden Collision Center. RV’s can take a lot of abuse and our experience with custom work and fiberglass are a perfect combination for repairing the damages that can and do occur to RV’s. Please give us a call, or swing on by to Lindon Collision Center to learn what we can do for you.

Engine Swaps


Sometimes you current engine is just not cutting it in the power department or it needs a complete new one all together, we are very experienced in engine swaps. Because we do a lot of classic car restorations, we have a lot of experience with taking cars apart and putting them back together from the ground up, piece by piece. Call Utah Collision Center to learn how we can help you with your engine swap.

All Mechanical Work


A lot of body shops only do body work. Not us. Utah County Collision experts at Lindon Collision Center are not just collision experts. Because we do a lot of restoration work here at Lindon Collision, we are well versed in all aspects of car repair from the ground up. If you car has a little mechanical work that you need done and are looking for a good local shop that can be trusted, drive on in to Lindon Collision Center at see what we can do for you.

Fiberglass Repair


Here at Lindon Collision Center, we do a lot of fiberglass work on both custom projects, as well as repair work. Our vast experience with fiberglass makes us a unique shop when compared to other body shops. If you are looking for a trusted Utah County collision shop to handle your fiberglass needs, do not hesitate to call us or swing on by our shop to see some of our body work and learn what we can do for you.

Metal Fabrication


Do you have a custom project that you are working on and need an experienced and talented body shop to create a special piece for your car or truck? The experts at Lindon Collision Center are just the ticket when it comes to experienced metal fabrication for custom automotive work. If you need custom fabrication work, do yourself a favor and come visit Lindon Collision Center.

Headlight Restoration


Many cars are driving around on the roads with foggy headlights. Driving with headlights that are in this condition can be dangerous. Here at Lindon Collision, we can restore your foggy headlights to like new condition. You safety on the road is important and if you are driving around with foggy headlights, please come by and learn how simple and easy it is to have your headlights repaired.

Oil Change


If you need an oil change, there is no need to go to an overpriced in and out shop. Lindon Collision Center can help you out with that oil change that your car needs so badly. Give us a call to make an appointment for your oil change, or let us know you’d like to add an oil change onto your collision repair when you drop your care off. We’ll be happy to help you take care of all your vehicle needs. badly.

Alluminum Work


Many people do not know that we are the only shop in Utah Valley with qualified staff and certified equipment to do aluminum work. If you have an aluminum framed trailer that needs some repair work, we are here to help with that. If it is aluminum and it needs fixed, we can probably fix that for you. Call us today to see what we can do to help you out by calling 801-785-4477. We look forward to hearing from you.

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